Mind Your Manners! | Classic Image Dance

Do’s and Don’ts of Dance Class Etiquette

1. Be on time!  (unless there is an emergency) If you must leave a class early, let your instructor know before class begins.

2. Be prepared! Have your hair up and your shoes on before walking into class.

3. Follow Dress Codes!  Leave your jewelry at home.

4. No Chewing Gum

5. Pay Attention in class. No Talking.  Catch up with your friends before or after class, not during.

6. If an instructor give you a correction, apply it immediately and try the step again instead of just nodding your head.

7. Asking a question about technique or to clarify a step is okay, but asking too many questions and taking class time away from others is not.  You can always talk to your           instructor one on one after class.

8. Don’t worry If you are not sure about an across the floor combination, but practice on the side until it is your turn.

9. Applaud your teacher after each class!  This shows respect and gratitude towards your instructor.

10. Treat your dance studio like it’s your home and clean up   after yourself. Do not leave anything behind the class room or dressing room.  Anything left overnight with be placed in lost and found, and eventually given to charity.

11. Absolutely no food or drink in the dance rooms.  Keep all food and drink in the designated kitchen area.  No exceptions!  Throw out your food and drink when you leave.

12. No playing in the dance rooms.  Dance students only when classes are in progress.


Etiquette is a learned behavior, so practice it along with your plies and pirouettes.  Following proper protocol shows respect for your teachers, classmates, the art of dance, and yourself!


(adapted from Dance Spirit Magazine)