Class Descriptions | Classic Image Dance

Combo Classes

An introduction to the basics of Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling within an hour long class. This class is full of creativity and fun to encourage personality growth, while teaching the principals of coordination, rhythm, and balance. Combo is geared for dancers ages 3-5.

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An energetic class which combines technique with upbeat music. The concepts of jazz are learned through isolations, flexibility exercises, combinations across the floor, and modern movement routines.

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Contemporary is a newer form of dance which combines the use of ballet, jazz, and modern technique to contemporary music. Dancers learn a strong sense of musicality and ability to interpret abstract movement.

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Ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles. Through exercises at the barre and center, dancers build strength, poise, and balance. Ballet teaches discipline through the practice of graceful movement.

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Tap develops rhythm and sound coordination skills through the use of the feet. In this upbeat class, dancers wear shoes with metal taps on their toes and heels to create sound and percussion.

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Lyrical tells a story through dance and combines classical ballet, modern and jazz technique. This class develops strength, flexibility, and balance with a strong ballet base.

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Company Classes

We offer company classes in both Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop. These groups perform at various local events, as well as participate in dance competitions. Membership in the company is by audition only.


Cecchetti is a ballet technique class, based upon an Italian method of ballet. Through the use of a graded syllabus, dancers perfect their technique and terminology. This class is strongly recommended for serious dancers interested in improving their ballet technique.

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Hip Hop/Break Dance

Hip hop is the latest style of movement. Often learned through choreography, Hip hop teaches musicality, expression, and style. Break dance improves your skill in freestyle, freezes, and more.

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Stretch, Turns, and Leaps

Improve your flexibility and learn the techniques to improve your turns, leaps and jumps. This class will teach you muscle memory and improve your performance in ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary classes.

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