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Combo Classes – Ages 2-5

Combo Class Description

An introduction to the basics of Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling within an hour long class. This class is full of creativity and fun to encourage personality growth, while teaching the principals of coordination, rhythm, and balance. Combo is geared for dancers ages 2-5.

Combo Class Schedule


6:00-7:00pm – Tap/Ballet I


9:30-10:00am – First Steps
10:00-10:45am – Tiny Tots I


4:00-4:45pm – Tiny Tots I
4:45-5:30pm – Tiny Tots II


4:30-5:00pm – First Steps
5:00-6:00pm – Tap/Jazz I


9:00-9:45am – Tiny Tots I
9:45-10:30am – Tiny Tots II

Dress Code

Any style leotard (tights optional). Pink Ballet Slippers. Black Tap Shoes.
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